Chitrak Shah

Co-Founder & MD - Shivalik Group

Vice President - Gihed Credai

RealEstate | Minimalism | Fitness

DOB : 4th of July, 1980

In 1996, Chitrak Shah started this journey with his father as a Co-founder to establish a commanding position in a commercial capital of Gujarat under the name 'S.N.Developers'. 'Shivalik'-as a brand was born in 2001. Chitrak Shah plays major role in Shivalik's growth. He is successful administrator with modern methods of marketing management and it's implementation.

JOURNEY - Shah, 39 years old, started his journey with Shivalik in the year 1996. He has more than two decades of experience in the real estate industry and is the recipient of numerous awards and accolades for his thought-leadership and contribution to the real estate sector. He firmly believes in the overall societal development and is passionate about contributing to society.

GROUP - Headquartered in Ahmadabad, Shivalik Group is one of Gujarat’s leading real estate developers. As a group Shivalik not only focuses on products but also on their services. The primary objective of group is to construct residential and commercial projects that exhibit innovation merged with technology.

DNA - Innovation and creating something out of the box is in Mr. Chitrak Shah’s DNA.

FOLLOWS/BELIEVES - As a process driven entrepreneur, he writes down his weekly schedule which involves the minutest things that he is supposed to accomplish. He strictly believes in the power of minimalism and directness.

PRIORITIES - For Mr. Chitrak, his priorities other than work are well defined- health and family. Travelling also tops his list. Travelling to different places gives him inspiration to create something new.

CORE/FORTE - Mr. Chitrak Shah is involved in the formulation of corporate strategy & management and concentrates on the growth plans of the group along . His core competency lies in Land Acquisition, Project feasibility , conceptual Architecture Planning with his modern methods of marketing & implementation created Shivalik as a brand and plays major role of its growth.

GOAL - Over the next decade, the group intends to develop more than 60 million. Sq. Ft. of realty space and also wishes to develop a sustainable next-gen buildings. Every year, we endeavor to align and streamline our goals in such a way that our bigger purpose after 10 years is achievable.

GREEN - Chitrak Shah believes in giving back to the earth. He already started first step towards sustainability by implementing Gold Rated Green Building in one of his project Shivalik Avenue and which he wanted to continue in all upcoming projects which also create environments and spaces that enhance the quality of life of its customers.

ACTING AS - Mr.Chitrak Shah is also one of the Vice Presidents of GIHED Credai. Apart from his passion for real estate, he is also a part of the EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) as one of the co-founders.

CHALLENGES - Says Mr.Chitrak when asked about how does he cope with the challenges of the dynamic and oscillating Real Estate industry. He opined that this industry is raw and risks are a part of it.

PROCESS - Thinking about an idea, choosing the person or resource for it, training adequately and keep monitoring until the end goal is achieved and a system is created by aligning meetings as per defined schedules.

MINIMALISM - He has started his journey towards minimalism. Minimalism is all about living with less & getting rid of excess stuff and living life based on experiences rather than worldly possessions.

FITNESS - He believes in fitness, He works out 6 days a week along with healthy food which gives him confidence in day to day life.

PERSONAL LIFE - Mr. Chitrak Shah's family consists two members, his wife & his son. Chitrak Shah perfectly balances his personal and professional life. He likes to spend his weekends with his friends & family.


  • Shivalik Highstreet - Unique Shape
  • Shivalik Shilp - Landmark location with Unique Shape
  • Shivalik Parkview - 45 + Amenities
  • Shivalik Platinum - First Redevelopment
  • SNH - Infrastructure Company.
  • Shivalik Plaza - First Corporate Houses
  • Shivalik Villa - First Premium R3 Bungalows


  • 1 Inch Side 10 Ft Deep
  • Rocket Theaory
  • Less Is More
  • Think - Assign - Train - Assign
  • God always says Tathastoo
  • Life is Card Game
  • Take 10 decisions a day


  • Reecosys -E-commerce - Start Up
  • #I Love Sandwich House - Cafe - Running
  • Dipali Shah Couture - Fashion - Running
  • Birthday Gift App - E-commerce - Close Down
  • Qwiches -Quick Service Restaurant - Close Down
  • Platinum Hotel - Hotel - Sold
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Head Office Address:-

Shivalik House, B/s. Satellite Police Station, Ramdevnagar Cross Road, Ahmedabad - 380015, India

Land Line - 079 4020 0000